Mission & Vision

Our certification programs: Certified Hospitality Professional (CHP®) and Certified Tourism Professional (CTP®) enhance the competency and professionalism of managers and executives in the industry, while at the same time creating a community of practitioners to grow through knowledge sharing, networking, and partnerships.

• Provide globally recognized certifications—the CHP® and the CTP®—the designation to recognize skills of professionals in the practice
• Provide career development opportunities for members through continuing education, research and industry information
• Support performance of members and organizations with highest industry practice
• Promote career journey of members to succeed in their endeavor through industry recognition of ITHP certification

VISION: To be the leading institute for certifying and developing the best hospitality and tourism professionals in the business.

The Strategic Goals of ITHP:

• Create awareness of the value and contribution of the role of the tourism and hospitality professional
• Establish the CHP® and CTP® Body of Knowledge
• Develop a roadmap for continuing professional growth and development
• Recognize qualified tourism and hospitality professionals through a globally acknowledged certification process