No, you do not need to be an ITHP member. You can simply apply for certification examination and apply for membership later on. But you can also become member prior to getting certified and enjoy many benefits to being an ITHP member including, but not limited to, discounts off of the certification exam fee and the executive courses.
It really depends on the individual’s educational background and experience. Here are some tips that we can suggest:
  • Attend training courses by ITHP certification courses provided by Accredited Providers t prepare for the examination
  • Discuss course outlines and study materials with partners when reviewing.
  • Take your time filling in the application and use it as part of your studying.
  • Allow three to four months for studying, at least eight hours per week split between reading ITHP study materials and other support information, and taking mock exams. Everyone's study habits are different, but this is a suggested minimum in combination with other work and home life commitments.
Yes, we do agree that this education/training is valuable consideration for allowing candidates to take the certification exams without attending the ITHP executive program. However, the focus of the certification is focused on the skills, experience and expertise gained from academic training but also from real-world work experience.
Candidates and qualification holders may be audited to verify/validate work experience and other information provided in the application.
Yes. All hours spent in delivering trainings and review courses accredited by ITHP can be considered as part of work experience. You will need to provide the particular training you handled and other relevant information such as date and venue. Also, you need to indicate the number of hours you provided.
Yes. Online courses do hold the same weight as classroom courses for the Continuing Professional Development (PD) requirement. You must be able to provide proof of taking the course in case you are audited such as certificate of completion or any documentation that will support your enrollment.
There are no requirements for a trainer. Trainers can be external vendors or internal to an organization. You will need to provide proof of completion (if audited) and may be asked to provide a course overview if we have questions about the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) documentations submitted.
Applications are immediately processed and assessed. You will get the advise by email within 7 business days of receiving the complete application and the application fee.
The certification exam is the final requirement to achieving CHP® or CTP® designation. Individuals interested in taking the certification exam must first complete and submit the respective application with payment and be approved.
Accordion Title How and when are exams offered? Accordion Description The exams are offered through ITHP’s accredited learning providers. Please email ITHP administrative office for listing of accredited learning providers that are near your location. Accordion Icon fa-laptop Display Above Icon
Once you have registered for the exam, you will receive a confirmation notice via email with the exam logistics almost immediately.
Exam candidates have six months from the time they are eligible to take the examination. It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure their application does not lapse. If an application lapses, the candidate must reapply and repay the non-refundable examination fee.
ITHP has list of Accredited Learning Providers that can provide training support for your staff who are seeking certification.  You can contact ITHP for listing of Accredited Learning Providers near your area.

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