Bachelor of Science in Business and Hospitality Management (Hons)

This course will usually be taught by a range of staff with relevant expertise and knowledge appropriate to the content of the unit. This will include senior academic staff, qualified professional practitioners, demonstrators, technicians and research students. The hospitality industry continues to grow at a rapid rate which means there continues to be a huge demand for graduates who can demonstrate an in-depth understanding of business theory as it applies to the sector alongside first-hand, relevant experience.

This programme aims to develop critically informed, agile and resourceful graduates, who:

• Demonstrate a critical understanding of the principles and methods of working appropriately in the broad hospitality industry
• Can manage the operations and strategies of hospitality organizations
• Analyze the complexity of the global nature of the hospitality industry
• Engage with research and industry best practice to co-create innovative solutions
• Have developed the cognitive abilities of critical evaluation, analysis, and synthesis
• Are self-reliant, self-disciplined learners capable of working in an interdisciplinary environment
• Meet the challenges presented by a career in a national or international environment appropriate to the hospitality industry
• Demonstrate an ability to communicate ideas clearly across different media
• Be able to manage their personal career development and lifelong learning

Topic 1

• Hospitality, Tourism and Events Environment
• Academic and Professional Skills
• Managing Quality in Hospitality, Tourism, and Events
• Business Finance

Topic 2

• Customer Service Management for Tourism and Hospitality
• Managing Human Resources
• Principles and Practice of Marketing
• Hospitality Management

Topic 3

• Global Hospitality and Tourism Issues
• Business Strategy
• Leadership and Change Management
• Hospitality and Venue Management
• Major Project