Membership Benefits

The benefits of this certification are to gain greater visibility, opportunity, and employment. As an ITHP member, you get a host of benefits designed to support your career growth and your success, including:

• Exclusive, members-only resources, and information on ITHP website
• Access to a free copy of the A Guide to CHP® and CTP® Body of Knowledge
• Access to ITHP Career Framework which you can use to prepare for your career
• Discounted fee for the Certified Hospitality Professional™ (CHP®) and Certified Tourism Professional (CTP®) certification exams
• Discounted fee for ITHP online learning events and webinars
• Discounted fee for ITHP professional development courses
• Knowledge sharing and networking opportunities through the ITHP Community Network
• Access to the exclusive ITHP monthly newsletter
• Leadership and volunteer opportunities through ITHP chapters and communities of practice
• Job search capabilities using Career Centre
• Provides knowledge and skills recognition through a third party
• The certification/field promotes and increases cooperation between organizations in the same discipline