Earning an ITHP professional certification such as CHP® or CTP® offers many benefits to both the individual and the organization employing or engaging them.

Benefits to the individual may include:

• Recognition of professional competence in tourism and hospitality by peers and business community

• Increased career opportunities locally and globally

• Personal career achievement of acquiring an international qualification

• Motivation to improve overall job performance, clarity of roles and increased marketability

• Higher chances of career promotions and salary

• Access to professional growth through post-graduate studies and continuing professional education in universities and colleges abroad

Benefits to the organization may include:

• Opportunities to identify staffs for recognition and professional promotion

• Raising a company standard by hiring certified employees who are qualified professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry and impress your customers, suppliers, creditors, and investors

• Using the certification as an assessment process to improve staff responsibility, commitment, and motivation

• Increased productivity, higher reliability and quality work done by certified professionals