About ITHP

The Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Professional (ITHP) is the global association of hospitality and tourism professionals in business. ITHP is one of the largest organizations dedicated exclusively on promoting the profession. ITHP is devoted to strengthen leadership skills of members to help advance their careers. Professionals belong to tourism and hospitality are invited.

About CHP®

The Certified Hospitality Professional (CHP®) is globally recognized credential in the hospitality profession. The certification ensures the candidate has the skills to undertake any challenging business situations faced in the industry today. Taking the CHP® certification prepares the candidate more than the technical skills required in the job, it also teaches skills in management and leadership.

About CTP®

The Certified Tourism Professionals (CTP®) is globally recognized credential in the marketplace as the most relevant qualification for a career in tourism. The CTP® certification ensures the candidate understands how the business of tourism operate, how the business is managed, how the industry functions and how strategy is developed. The certification also helps the candidate understand the economics.

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