Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Planning and Management (Hons)

Tourism continues to be a major component of the global economy and has now become an established academic discipline, with roots in geography, economics, sociology, planning, and business. The Tourism, Planning and Management BA Honours course focuses on destinations – the planning, development, management, and regeneration of destinations. This course has received full accreditation from the Tourism Management Institute (the UK’s professional organization for destination management) for the excellence of its content. The course takes an international perspective and includes a field trip in each year of study. The course is modular, comprising core and option modules, allowing students to specialize and create their own course pathways. The course provides a thorough grounding in the subject and the planning/policy principles which underpin tourism but also has a strong emphasis on skills development for the workplace, including presentation skills, research, data analysis, and negotiation. Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials, and field study. Each student is allocated a personal tutor for academic guidance and pastoral care and the department regularly scores highly in student satisfaction surveys.

Course Syllabus:

The following subjects are indicative of what you will study in this course.

• Contemporary Issues in Tourism
• History of Design and Urban Form
• Hospitality in Tourism and Events
• Language
• Principles of Event Management
• Strategic Planning for Tourism
• Study Skills and Employability
• Tourism Development
• Understanding Events
• Understanding Tourism

Professional recognition

This course is recognized by the Tourism Management Institute. You can be confident it will give you knowledge, understanding, skills, and experience to fully prepare you for a career in tourism destination management.